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AGEPHA Pharma Launches Aciclovir Agepha 30mg/g Eye Ointment

Leading Pharmaceutical Company Launches the UK’s Only Aciclovir Eye Ointment

Senec, Slovakia: AGEPHA Pharma today launched Aciclovir Agepha 30mg/g eye ointment (Marketing Authorisation Number: PL 49118/0002 – 0001). It is a new ocular medicinal ointment to be used for the treatment of herpes.

Aciclovir Agepha 30mg/g eye ointment is currently the only available ocular ointment consisting of aciclovir (ACV) to ophthalmologists treating patients for herpes simplex keratitis. This ointment is now available through all major distribution channels and is ready to be prescribed to patients in need.

Aciclovir Agepha 30mg/g eye ointment provides the most effective solution to affected patients due to its local direct application. The ointment also has no major side effects and has a tremendous safety record. It has been selling in Austria for several years with no negative or adverse effects reported.

Aciclovir Agepha 30mg/g eye ointment has also been comparatively studied against GlaxoSmithKline’s Zovirax Eye Ointment and has been found to be therapeutically equivalent.

About AGEPHA Pharma: AGEPHA Pharma ( is a name synonymous with the highest quality in healthcare. AGEPHA Pharma is a medium-sized pharmaceutical company with a range of over 40 products; specialising in ophthalmology. Founded in Austria in 1947, AGEPHA Pharma currently sells prescription pharmaceuticals, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics.


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